Mainstream Misfits started out as an idea for a song, and then graduated in to a fun as fuck music video with a lot of my friends. Over the years it became something more... I'm definitely not going to call it a movement. I'm not going to call it a culture. It's just a monicker. A brand for a subsect of us who didn't quite fit in to a neat little box. I consider myself a unique individual, I was the heavy set rocker mall kid in high school who was friends with everyone, jocks, cheerleaders, and the freaks and geeks. I identified with everyone on some level. I love the rebellious nature, some of the weird and the strange, the dark and the sinister... but I also love some of the modern and hip, the fashionable and sexy, the cool shit. Im not red or blue, Im an independent. Im not religious, or atheist, Im agnostic. I'm not chocolate or vanilla, I'm cookie dough. I'm not right or left brained, Im somewhere in the middle. Im not #TeamIronMan or #TeamCap, I'm #ILoveEveryMarvelMovieShutUpAndTakeMyMoney. 

I created Mainstream Misfits for those of us who live somewhere between the black and the white. This is life in the beautifully fucked and hyper colorful "grey area". Welcome.

- Santino 'Noir' Campanelli

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